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Throughout the history of modern art, there have been many art forms featuring text. Beginning from cubist paintings, in which there were letters, numbers, words, fragments of sentences and collages of texts, through abstract poetry, simultaneous recitation in Dada, Marcel Duchamp's language games, visual poetry and poesia visiva, the importance and the meaning of a word in Fluxus, from Pop Art on the one side, to conceptualism on the other.

However, apart from our experiences of text in art, each of us also has our own experience of text in everyday life. When we walk down the street, we read all the time, constantly creating collages made by fragments of words and sentences. Furthermore, the nature of our thoughts is textual.

Inspired by these two sources - the discourse of art and everyday life - we can find material for new artistic activities based on text.

As part of the Art & Documentation Festival, we plan to open the Andrzej Pierzgalski Gallery, named after the legendary founder of the A4 Gallery in Łód_ in the 70s.

This will be organised in the form of a presentation of works in A4 format, attached to the Art and Documentation journal. It may consist of artists' texts, quotations and artists' statements, mini-essays, registrations of conversations, handwritten notes, etc. These may take various graphic and typographic forms.

Please send your proposal as an already prepared textual or graphic work in A4 format, or in the form of an electronic file. All submitted work should be black and white. Colour can be used if it is in a close relationship with the text.

Works will be evaluated by the Festival's Organising Committee.

Please, send your proposals to the Art and Documentation journal's office:
ul.Wschodnia 29/3
90-272 Lodz
e.mail: sid@doc.art.pl

Deadline: non-stop

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miejsca festiwalu
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