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The artist often based her earlier dance performances on her biography. In the current project also a certain biographical detail became a starting point. Anne Seagrave has lived for almost two years in Poland, in Krakow (and even speaks Polish quite well). Usually, when we find ourselves in a new environment, we observe it with care and notice interesting details. Walking around a city that was new to her, she observed low sculptural reliefs showing human or animal figures above doorways. First she photographed the sculptural reliefs, and collected them into a database - an archive of images. Then the digitalised images became a starting point for a performance to camera. She created a video work, on which we see the artist naked against a neutral, white background, adopting a series of poses inspired by the reliefs. This is the first series of transmedia transformations, leading from a site-specific location (the architectural decoration), through photography, performance, to video.

However, the artist has developed one more series of transmedia transformations - this time using more traditional media. Digitalised photos of the naked artist were a starting point to make linear drawing compositions. Body images were projected and drawn onto paper, but it was done in such a way, that several drawings became a hybrid of a few images. As a result, the drawings present figures that are often deformed, almost abstract, and sometimes they become decorative patterns consisting of a few multiplied figures.

Next, the drawing on a sheet of paper became a stencil. Technically, the internal plane was masked, and the paper sprinkled with watercolour paint. As a result, on a completed work, we can see a silhouette and the expressive gesture of sprinkling the paper with various watercolours.

A series of 40 aquarelles made this way was presented in Anne Seagrave's exhibition in 2011 at the JCC in Krakow

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