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The presentation of actions with parents will be on to LCDs. Between them, there will be a photo on the wall, that you can see below.

The photo was taken on May 31st, 1985, on my first birthday.

Video documentation
My Dad and I
5th Performance Art Festival, CSW Toruń

I entered a room full with people and I saw my Dad. I hugged him to say hello. Next to us there was a projection of a photo of us, taken on my first birthday. We were standing like this for around 15 minutes, until my Dad became very tired. He whispered to my ear that he can_t keep standing like this and he left the room. I was standing for a while yet and left through a different exit.

Video documentation
My Mum and I
My house, Radom.

My Mum is in bed, a moment later I came to her and layed down next to her. On a TV screen close to us, there is a photo of us, when I was a little girl. It was taken on my first birthday. I was laying next to my Mum holding her hand, we were talking for a while. My Mum was telling me that she is weaker than she used to be, that she get tired more easily. When she fell asleep I kissed her forehead, I turned off the light and left.

text: Julia Kurek

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