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Films of that group were mainly short-features, very often presented as supplements before the 'main' film. At that time the Review of Films on Art was held in Zakopane.

These films had to be made by cinematographers due to the requirements of production and technology. Today everybody can make a 'film on art'. The technologies that are available now allow film documentation to adopt various artistic forms and illustrate a variety of aesthetic images. They also show the various professional approaches to art.

The films presented as part of the Film on art show during the 4th Art and Documentation Festival were made specifically by the directors in response to the cinematographic category: 'film on art'.

The 'film on art' category is a subject of constant theoretical reflection as part of the festival, with reference to the research on its methodology and categorisation.

The festival projections are connected with discussions between filmmakers about the ways art can be documented in the form of a movie. The discussions are attended by cinematographers, cameramen, curators, artists and documentary filmmakers.

The works from the 'film on art' category will be presented as part of an open competition. We would like to renew an interest in making such movies, in order for the category to gain a formal and artistic independence as documentary cinematography.

As part of the 4th Art and Documentation Festival we organise two shows of films on art:
- a historical show
- a contemporary show of films made during the last 5 years

Works for the historical show are selected by the curators of the 'Film on art' project.

Works for the contemporary show are chosen by a jury. The jury includes:
curators of the 'Film on Art' project, a representative of The Film Museum in Lodz, a representative of the Art and Documentation Association, a representative of the Festival's Organising Committee.

Please, send your proposals to:
Tomasz Komorowski
The Film Museum
pl. Zwycięstwa 1
90-312 Lodz
with a note on the envelope: film on art
e.mail: t.komorowski@kinomuzeum.pl
Deadline: March 1st, 2012 (postmark)

Application form to download.

Agreement to download.

Before sending your proposal please read rules of participation

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